Our mission

Japan Association of Orlando, Inc (JAO) is a local non-profit organization

JAO is a non-profit, public charity organized as a Section 501(c)(3) organization and is known for hosting “Orlando Japan Festival” for many years. The Festival showcases a wide variety of Japanese performing arts, attractions and vendor booths and has grown to be one of the largest Asian cultural events in the area. In fact, the last year’s Festival held in November generated the attendance exceeding 3,000 people which allowed JAO to donate the net proceed to regions in Japan struck by the earthquake and tsunami.

JAO and its members are committed to conduct an Annual Orlando Japan Festival to vitalize Japanese art, music, culture, and education through Japan Festival in the Orlando community. The proceeds from the Festival will not only help Earthquake/Tsunami victims, but also to support local organizations and individuals in their endeavors to further the excellence of Japanese visual and performing arts, culture and education. Please visit http://www.jorlando.org/ for further information regarding JAO and Orlando Japan Festival.





  • オーランド日本祭り
  • 地域の日本語及び日本文化芸術の教育のサポートと日本からの留学生プログラムの設置
  • 地域の日本文化芸術活動のサポート
  • 津波被害のリリーフ活動、サポート