OJF 2015 Sponsors / Donations


Platinum Sponsor
ACT America &
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas Inc.
Gold Sponsor
Junsuke Inoue
Silver Sponsor
mickeynet LLC.
Bronze Sponsor
True Word Foods & Caravan Serai &


Sapporo / Toyota Tsusho / Delta Airline / Mitsubishi U.S.A / SANWA Trading Co. / Nishimoto Trading Co. / True World Foods Orlando / JFC International Miami Beach / City Beverages & Kirin

Raffle Prizes

 Rowdy Gaines Towel and book with his autograph
 Yuko Matsuzaki Sunglasses, goggle, training suit and more Priceless
 IACE Travel Air Ticket Value $1000
 Rosen Hotel & Resorts Group
 Shingle Creek: Golf Basket
 Rosen Centre: Everglades Restaurant Gift Certificate
 Rosen Plaza: Jack’s Place Restaurant Gift Certificate
 Rosen Inn International: 2 Night Stay Gift Certificate
Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista: 2 Night Stay Gift Certificate
Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando: Gift Certificate
Shogun Japanese Steak House: $50 Dining Certificate x 2
Shogun Sakura Sushi: $25 Dining Certificate x 2, Sushi Roll +1 Dessert Certificate x 2
Mitsukoshi U.S.A
Hello Kitty Bracelet & Necklace: 1 each
Namitatsu T-Shirt & Long Dress: 1 each
Teapot Set 1
Ichiro/Darvish/Tanaka T-Shirt 1 each & many more!
mickeynet Large Mickey and Minnie Plush x 1 each
Rangetsu at Lake Lirey Gift Card $50 x 4
Suchi Tomi Gift Card $50 x 4
Suchi Kichi Gift Card $30 x 2
China Garden Gift Card $25 x 2
Shin Jung Korean BBQ &Grill Gift Card $50 x 2
Aki Restaurant Kirin Ichiban 2 cases
Junsuke Inoue Rice (Hitomebore & Koshihikari) 10 bags
Tachibanaya Toys etc.
 $120 Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Artwork: 1 piece
 $100 Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Artwork: 1 piece
 $65 Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Artwork: 1 piece

※ Mr. Rowdy Gaines, a professional Swimmer, has donated Raffle Prizes for Orlando Japan Festival! He will be there to draw the lucky winner during the raffle, so don’t miss out!

Raffle Tickets were sold as;
1 ticket for $3, 2 tickets for $5, 5 tickets for $10

Thank you for coming to the Orlando Japan Festival. This festival was planned and supported by many volunteers. Thank you for your generous contribution.

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