Virtual Orlando Japan Festival 2020 – Raffle Drawing

Our annual raffle drawing will be happening at Virtual Orlando Japan Festival 2020!
This time, participation is totally free!
We will be announcing the winners at the end of the Virtual Orlando Japan Festival.
Be sure to sign up before the deadline, and good luck!


■ Prizes

Follow our social media accounts for a line up of fabulous prizes:
Instagram @orlando_japan_festival
Facebook @orlando japan festival
Twitter @JAO
YouTube @orlando japan festival

■ How to Enter
Use the Google Form link below to enter for the drawing.

The winners will be announced at the end of the Virtual Orlando Japan Festival and contacted by the management at a later date. Please make sure you enter your contact information completely and accurately.

■ Entry Dates

From Oct. 8 (Thu) to Nov. 7 (Sat)

■ Prize Pick-up
Winners will be asked to pick up their prizes at Sushi Kichi restaurant (
Please check the store location and business hours in advance.

In addition, the operation of this raffle is made possible through the generous donations and cooperation of our sponsors and volunteers.

Although we understand the circumstances of these difficult times, if you would like to help donate, please visit the link below.…/we-need-your-help-/15…


Virtual Orlando Japan Festival 2020にて、
Virtual Orlando Japan Festivalの最後に


■ 賞品

Instagram @orlando_japan_festival
Facebook @orlando japan festival
Twitter @JAO
YouTube @orlando japan festival

■ 参加方法
以下のGoogle フォームより参加登録をしてください。
当選者はVirtial Orlando Japan Festivalの最後に発表され、確認のため後日運営から連絡させて頂きます。ご連絡先等は正確に入力をお願い致します。
■ 応募期間
■ 賞品の引き取り