Japan Association Of Orlando is a non-profit organization to support local Japanese communities through activities like Orlando Japan Festival.

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About Orlando Japan Festival 2015

Orlando Japan Festival 2015 has concluded with great success thanks to everyone. The bright sunshine reminded us the heat of summer, yet we received many praises from visitors. On stage, we had a special guest Wakayama Performance Troupe from the prestigious National Theatre of Japan, which thrilled so many audiences. I am sure many of you have felt as if you were in Japan. We hope to make next year’s festival even greater than before so it will become one of Orlando’s main event.

We truly appreciate your continued support for this endeavor, and look forward to our partnership to enrich the cultural appreciation in the community.

Japan Association of Orlando, Inc.
President Takemasa Ishikura

「オーランド日本祭2015」はおかげさまで予想以上の大成功を収め幕を閉じる事が出来ました。まるで真夏を思わせる程の暑さにも関わらず、来場者された方々には「素晴らしい」「来年も楽しみにしている」などお褒めの言葉を頂き感謝しております。舞台では、初めて日本から招聘した「国指定重要無形民俗文化財江戸里神楽 若山社中」の演奏がお祭りの雰囲気を一層盛り上げ、来場者は日本にいるかのような感じになったことと思います。来年は更に趣向を凝らし、今年を上回る何かオーランド日本祭ならではのイベントが出来るように考えております。更にここオーランドの名物行事としの地位を確立して行く所存でございます。


Japan Association of Orlando, Inc.
President 石倉武政

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